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Why using dry ice blasting as a safe cleaning solution in the oil and gas industry is a smart choice.

Oil and gas industries are frequently driving to boost potency, operate in a very safe manner and scale back their impact on the environment. Historically water and pressure washing has been a good technique of cleanup – but big quantities of water was is required, and the contaminated secondary waste manufactured had be to disposed of properly – maing it an expensive operation in terms of labor, financials and therefore the negative impact on the environment.

Dry ice cleanup offers a good alternative to pressure washing with water. Solid ice cleanup is chemical free, shot free, wetness free and creates no by product waste, is nonabrasive and non-flammable – it eliminates the requirement for cleanup water, and eliminates the requirement to get rid of that very same water that becomes contaminated throughout the cleanup operation. Cleaning takes place hot and in place reducing down time and serving to create your facility additional efficient and improve productivity.

After a research you will find that every gas industry has its own ways of making sure that their clients are fully satisfied. Through this there are review out there that shows how the industries/companies ensure you receive their services in a good manner.

Below is a list of points on why using dry ice blasting as a safe cleaning solution in the oil and gas industry is a smart choice

• Can effectively take away heavy oils, bitumen, corrosion matter chemicals etc. from piping, valves, wellheads and different similar tools

• Cleans hot and in place with negligible or no dismantlement – significantly reducing period of time and resource

• Reduces down time as no ?drying’ time is required as solid cleansing is dry and leaves no residue

• No by product waste created therefore drastically reduces volume and price of wastes disposal

• Reduces the necessity for chemicals

• Costs related to waste assortment and containment are reduced

• Eliminates the potential for sand and different grit media to enter process tools and harm it

• Reduces instrumentality period of time so improving productivity levels.

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