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Benefits Of Using Dry Ice Blasting In The Mining Industry

Overview-Dry ice blasting

Dry ice is carbon dioxide in solid form. A colorless, odorless and tasteless gas that occurs naturally in the atmosphere, carbon dioxide is one of the most critical gases on earth. The temperature of dry ice when it is in solid form is -78.5 degrees Celsius.

Dry ice blasting is an innovative industrial cleaning process where particles (pellets) of dry ice are propelled at high speeds to clean a surface. These pellets are accelerated to hypersonic speeds in jets of compressed air and discharged using a robotized or hand-held nozzle at the surface that needs to be cleaned. The dry ice particles vaporize upon impact with the surface. Here are several reasons why dry ice blasting is a smart solution for industrial cleaning in the mining industry:

Cost savings

Since dry ice naturally vaporizes (sublimates) on impact, this eradicates the cost of collecting and disposing the cleaning media. It also eliminates the collection and containment costs that are normally associated with grit or water blasting methods.

Because many dry ice blasting systems allow for online maintenance of production equipment, costly and time-consuming detooling procedures are reduced. Using the method means scheduled cleaning cycles are no longer necessary because preventive maintenance programs can be adopted. This will facilitate the cleaning of equipment even during the periods of production. Consequently, production is maximized without adding any equipment or labor.

Dry ice blasting does not affect electrical systems

Dry ice blasting, unlike water or steam blasting, does not damage electrical controls, wiring or switches. It is also less likely to result in rust formation when compared to blasting with water or steam.

Prolonging the equipment’s useful life

In contrast to using such abrasive media as sand and plastic beads, dry ice is non-abrasive. Therefore it will not wear down texture surfaces or tools. In addition, it will not damage machinery, bearings or molds during the cleaning process.

Safe and eco-friendly

Carbon dioxide is certified as non-toxic .Using dry ice blasting systems reduces exposure to employees and corporate liability that may arise because of using hazardous cleaning agents like chemicals. It is also environmentally safe.

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