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Top Benefits of Using Dry Ice Blasting in the Lumber Industry

Dry ice blasting is a new development that is gaining a lot of popularity in different industries. One of the industries where it is highly used is lumber industry. The method works just like sandblasting or steam blasting, but it offer superior results. Below are some other benefits of using dry ice blasting in the lumber industry.

High level efficiency

The cold temperature of the dry ice blasting against the material that requires to be removed makes it to shrink and lose adhesion from the sub surface. When some of the ice goes through the material being removed, it gets into contact with the underlying surface. The sub surface that is warmer makes the dry surface to turn back into carbon dioxide gas. This gas has eight hundred times higher volume and expands behind the material, thus enhancing its removal. You can use this procedure to remove materials such as oil, pain, grease, decals, tar, adhesives, asphalt and others in the lumber industry. It is only the removed material that is disposed, because the dry ice sublimes into the air.

High level safety

Dry ice blasting in the lumber industry eliminates damage of your equipment. Dry ice does not wear away or erode the targeted surface. This means that the critical and integrity of the surface is preserved. The surface will also not be eroded as it happens with sand blasting and other methods. This saves you the cost of replacing your equipment.


All electrical parts and generators in the industry can be used immediately after the dry ice blasting. This is because you do not have to wait for them to dry. Dry ice blasting in the lumber industry gets rid of algae and mold in a more effective way. This makes the surface free of these elements and reduces the risk of their regeneration.

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