Are you looking to buy dry ice?


Where can I buy dry ice?

You can buy dry ice from us! Located in Edson Alberta,  although we will happily supply and delivery dry ice for all surrounding areas! If you are looking to buy dry ice in Edmonton, Hinton, Edson, even Calgary Alberta, give us a call!

How much does dry ice cost?

Our dry ice can be purchased for $1 per pound, larger quantities may qualify for a discount.  Join our mailing list and we will notify you when we are in your area or when we have deals or special promotions coming up.

Will you deliver dry ice?

Yes! If you need dry ice delivery in Alberta we will absolutely deliver dry ice to your location. Wherever your need lies, feel free to request a quote, or call Nick (1-780-728-7140) to discuss your dry ice needs.
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What is “Dry Ice?”

Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide. Used primarily as a cooling agent, its advantages include lower temperature than that of water ice and not leaving any residue. It is used in many industry applications, and now in industrial cleaning solutions!

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Blocks of dry ice

Precautions for Handling Dry Ice


  • Dry ice is cold enough to freeze skin causing injuries similar to burns
    Always handle with protective gloves or a towel, never bare hands


  • Dry ice converts to CO2 gas, in confined spaces dry ice represents a suffocation hazard
  • Be sure to open doors/windows before entering confined spaces, leave the area immediately if your breathing quickens or you experience any difficulty breathing


  • As dry ice sublimates to CO2, it expands and increases pressure
  • Do not store dry ice in airtight containers